Terms of trade


1.Basic data
Dana Klištincová, Višňová 16, 405 02  Děčín XXV - Chmelnice

IN: 75566087
I'm not VAT

(after only as „supplier“)


Contact details:
Tel.: +420 603 117 045

e-mail: shop@tara-cz.com

Account number for cashless payments – Czech Republic: Česká spořitelna (CZE) – 1043397073/0800

PayPal: dani001@seznam.cz


2. Order goods

List of products on-site www.tara cz.com is normally used in the goods supplied. Supplier does not guarantee the immediate availability of all items. To order the customer selects the goods, duly completed order form (shopping cart) and send the order. Sent an order for goods is a proposal to purchase contract. The order also used for booking of goods. Confirmation of order by the supplier is considered a contract of sale. Prices of goods, the customer can check in individual items.

 Order Cancellation: Customer may, without giving any reason to cancel the order. If the supplier cancels an order, usually the reason why the order can not be confirmed.
Cancellations after the conclusion of the purchase agreement is possible only after prior agreement of supplier and customer, and conditions mutually agree on.


3. Sending goods
Goods dispatched by the Czech Post Office on delivery. It is possible to send through the PPL service. The price of postage depends on the size of the order. The prices for postage in the price list are subject to applicable terms of delivery - see information on transport of goods. If you can not comply with these terms of delivery, shipping will be charged individually.


4.Lead time
The ordered goods will be delivered according to their availability and operational capacity of the supplier as soon as possible by mail or PPL service, usually within 1-5 working days (if in stock!) from binding confirmation. If the goods are not in stock, delivery time is usually longer (3-5 weeks).

In the event that the goods in a hurry (as you have it as a gift), please inform us of this fact in the order form or contact us by mail or telephone.

Goods are considered delivered when it's delivered on the address the customer provided in order.


5. Personal consumption of goods
Zboží je zákazníkovi na adrese dodavatele rezervováno po dobu 3 pracovních dnů od výzvy k odběru zboží. Zákazník má právo si zboží na adrese dodavatele před uzavřením kupní smlouvy prohlédnout. V případě osobního odběru zboží u dodavatele se kupní smlouva považuje za uzavřenou až zaplacením celé kupní ceny a převzetím zboží zákazníkem.

Product is reserved on the supplier's address for 3 working days after the invitation to receive the goods. The customer has the right for reviewing goods at the supplier address before a purchase contract. In the case of a personal collection of goods from the supplier, the purchase contract shall be deemed closed until payment of the full


6. Payment Terms

On the site www.tara-cz.com customers choose the type of delivery, ie. they also choose the method of payment (cash on delivery - or the Czech Post PPL, payment through bank account or PayPal, cash)

  • Payment on delivery - the customer pays for the goods upon receipt or the Czech Post or PPL - according to the variant
  • Payment through bank account - the customer pays the invoice, after which it will issue an order confirmation. After the payment, ie. after getting the full invoiced amount of goods sent to the customer (the customer chooses the delivery of goods, either by Czech Post or PPL)
  • Payment PayPal - the customer pays the invoice, after which it will issue an order confirmation. After the payment, ie. after getting the full invoiced amount of goods sent to the customer (the customer chooses the delivery of goods, either by post Czech or PPL)
  • Cash - in person takeover


7. Reclamation
In the event that a customer found on the purchased goods within the warranty period a defect not caused by its inappropriate use, but a defect in the product itself, during the warranty period is entitled to claim the goods.
Complaints Procedure:
Goods to complain send to us at: Dana Klištincová, Višňová 16, 405 02 Decin XXV - Chmelnice.
It is appropriate to send the goods in original packaging or transport packaging satisfactory, because the supplier is not responsible for any mechanical damage prior to the receipt of goods. In the case of justified complaints repaired goods will be delivered to your address free postage. The deadline for settlement of a claim under the Act No. 634/1992 Coll. thirty.

Can not claim the goods which are all individually decorated, with individual products such as embroidery or wear tailored only for you.


8. Rescission
Customer's right of withdrawal
The customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract if the contractor fails to comply with the agreed terms of delivery.
Customers who buy goods in his business or other entrepreneurial activity has also, in accordance with § 53, § § 7 and 54 of the Civil Code, the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from receipt of goods.


Right of withdrawal Supplier
Contractor is entitled to rescind the contract only until the shipment of goods, and only in case of unavailability of goods or significant changes in commodity prices. Before his resignation, however, the supplier must always contact the customer in order to agree on further action.

Procedure in case of withdrawal: Due to the fact that in the event the contract is canceled, return or replace contractor to customer and the customer to the supplier all the services received.
The customer may cancel the contract so notifying the contractor, and send it electronically to the email address shop@tara-cz.com or writing in premises of the supplier. The resignation must indicate the order number, variable symbol and the date of purchase and submit the original proof of purchase
If the customer has received the goods, send the goods back to the supplier's premises, where the supplier without delay examine the condition of the returned goods. Goods sent back to the supplier must be intact and undamaged, complete (including accessories and all evidence, including proof of purchase).
In the event that the goods are returned to suppliers in other than intact, the customer is obliged to pay particular costs associated with placing the goods in original condition and the damage to the goods. Payment of such costs and damages will, by the purchase price, a vendor in the event returned is about the cost and damage reduced appropriately.
If the customer has fulfilled all of the above conditions for withdrawal from the contract, the contractor shall refund the paid purchase price or part thereof, not later than 30 days after return. Contractor returns the funds to the buyer's account or by credit slip for signature.


9. Consumer Privacy
Contractor collects the consent of customers personal information of customers, and the name, address, telephone and email links. These data are used primarily to facilitate customer orders in the future.
Supplier dont't give personal data of customers to any other person. The data which supplier to store and process customer, the customer can change at any time.


10. Final Provisions
These terms and conditions apply to all purchase contracts between supplier and customer. Supplier reserves the right to change the terms and conditions. The changed conditions appropriately publish on the website www.tara-cz.com


Information about transport – Czech, Slovakia



Shipment within CZ: next business day after shipment (the date of posting). Current information on the free movement of shipments (by IN of package) to
• free infotmation number of the Czech Post - 800 177 889

• website of the Czech Post


Information about delivery:

  • • If you will not be catched by the postman on your address, attention will prompt you to save items to post
    Notice that you can find in your mailbox, includes contact information (phone number) to the post where you added an item
  • Saved shipment can be picked up personally or you can request that the delivery of regular mail delivery on a certain day walking
  • • If you do not collect shipment within 7 calendar days is automatically sent back to sender

Do you know:
• You can get specific, already stored item forwarded to another address?

• You can leave a stored item forward to another post in the area?

• You can extend the deposit time for pickup?


For more information on the website of the Czech Post in the Services section of the beneficiaries and recipients


Czech Republic
Service CZK
Cash on delivery 150
Payment via the current account, PayPal 100


Service CZK
Cash on delivery 300
PayPal 250


Shipping weight up to 5kg. Cash on delivery to the amount of CZK 5.000, -. In case of violation of the above, the price of postage determined individually. 




Doručení balíku:

driver will call to contact to you at the day of delivery with details of the transmission finished, it will tell you the approximate time of delivery, amount of cash and other potential elements (this service is provided by the PPL name only for private parties, ie. without IN)

• shipment will be delivered within 8-18 hours on working days (the exact delivery time can not influence, however, estimated time of delivery can be found by entering your zip code to www.ppl.cz or directly in contact with the driver. In case you missed tests and we will leave a notification package will try to deliver again the next working day - weight of package is limited to 50 kg

• in certain localities of the CR, we also offer evening delivery within 17-21 hours (a list of locations visit PPL)

• shipment will be delivered the next working day after receipt from the sender

• travel items can be viewed on the internet website www.ppl by entering its number (11 digits).cz


Payment by credit card:
In accepting the shipment, you can freely decide if you will pay the cash on delivery by credit card or cash.

All drivers of PPL are equipped with mobile payment terminals and printers.


Acceptance and rejection:

When receiving a shipment must be checked outside of the package - an obvious defect (damage to packaging) must immediately report and noted the waybill. The consignment is to be taken over, even with this defect without fear of subsequent application of any damage.

•  Check the contents of the shipment after the departure of the driver, the driver waiting for control of the transmission - hidden defects can be reported within 3 days after receiving shipment and request a record on the damage.


Communication with PPL
• to communicate with ppl only use the tracking number (11 digits)


Czech Republic
Service CZK
Cash on delivery 190
Payment via the current account, PayPal 140


Service CZK
Cash on delivery 420
PayPal 370

Informace about delivery - international




Weight of the standard package can not be more than the maximum allowable weight specified in internation terms (2 kg).

Dimensions of a standard package may not exceed the maximum permissible dimensions specified in external conditions, and even partially.
• In the event that the package does not meet the above requirements will be determined individually postage


Customer confirms in writing to accept the shipment.


Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia
Service CZK
PayPal 680


Service CZK
PayPal 250


German - PPL
Service CZK
PayPal 700