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12/2010 Renata Cyprichová, www.strelniceludvikovice.websnadno.cz, www.odlabskehostrazce.cz

Beautiful clothes that are both classic sizes, as well as tailor-made, super embroidery. As one can modify the embroidery on my request. I already have the training tailored to suit that fits perfectly, I left my daughter sew a training vest. I can only and only highly recommend it to all those interested in quality training wear.


12/2010 Tamara Šamánková– www.psiskolicka.cz

It's the bigest suprise near Christmas tree. Training vest, which have emborided on bacj Bard's head. I hope it will bring us good luck at the races! :-D


12/2010 Mrs. Řepišťáková – Kobernodogs – www.koberno.estranky.cz

Training vest is very nice and it is lighter than Gappay product. The embroidery is done nicely (German Shepherd profile with the inscription Kobernodogs).


12/2010 Mrs. Knakalová ordered sweatshirt Hooded Sweater

Good day, I already have a sweatshirt at home. It is perfect Thank you for the expeditious.


11/2010 Lucka Jedličková, www.quinnywolfeland.blog.cz 

Hi Dana!, Thank you so much for the wonderful clothes with my dog's  embroidery. It is very beautiful and clothes fit absolutely super! So wait another order. Thanks a lot.


11/2010 Nikol Gubáňová

Good day, I finally got up today and was at the post office to pick up the package. so I walk two hours in the house again and still discover new things, I'm totally happy as a little kid who got what dream toy. Thank you again and again to get back for further cooperation


10/2010 Lucka Jedličková, www.quinnywolfeland.blog.cz

Hi, so yesterday was my suit is great, everything fits as a glove!! the only caps, which makes me a good shape on the head is this. I am very happy with and mikinkou too! It's awesome! Thanks. Good day! 


10/2010 Eva Nekolová

Me and my friend John, thank you very much for your beautiful bodices. Embroidery rottweiler and shepherd are beautiful and when we do have our names embroidered on the backs of females, and for us never to forget any training center :-) We are looking for trousers, because the substance is really solid. So, thx nice and thank you for the beautiful bodices, and cheap :-) 


09/2010 Hanka a Michal Sasákovi

Hello, today I picked up jumpers - embroidery are very nice, maybe even better than we invented ourselves. Thanks


Thank you all for your support and look forward to further cooperation.

Dana Klištincová - brand Tara